Best of 2014

I only managed 19 reviews this year, which is a lot less than the target of 50 that I normally go for. Outside of those 19, I played a few other games, but they were mostly on other platforms, or else I got bored of them quite quickly. It’s difficult for me to do a “best of 2014″ post this year when there’s still an awful lot of reportedly good games I haven’t even tried yet.

But what the hell, it’s a tradition to do this now.

Best Game I Actually Played

Divinity: Original Sin

A game so good I played it for nearly a month.

Best Game I Agree With The Mac App Store Awards

Tomb Raider

I said it right at the beginning of the year, it was probably going to be the best game I played on Mac OS, and it was only because Divinity: Original Sin came out that I don’t consider it my game of the year.

Best Game I Didn’t Play

World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor

Yes, there are a lot of contenders for this, and yes it seems ridiculous for me to vote on a game I haven’t played. But– the buzz from the latest expansion to World of Warcraft is so strong that I actually re-subscribed to it for a couple of months (I intend to try play through the 90-odd levels of content before diving into the expansion).

Best Game I Started But Haven’t Played Enough Of

Dungeon of the Endless

This is such a strange game that I’m amazed it exists. Part roguelike, part tower defence, and part 4X strategy. It’s weird and wonderful. I love it. I need to play more of it to know if I’m wrong about it.

Best Game I Was Right About


People hated me for saying it, but I felt that a Mac port of Titanfall would prove to be a waste of time. And now, 9 months later and everyone has moved on to something else.

Best Game I Was Wrong About

Shadowrun: Dragonfall

I did not get on with this game at all. Numerous glitches ruined it for me, even corrupting my save game such that subsequent patches couldn’t fix it. Still, since then, a Director’s Cut version has been released, and the reviews on Steam are “Overwhelmingly Positive”. Might be worth a look.

Best Telltale Game

Tales from the Borderlands

Because there are now so many of these they deserve their own category. For me, this is far and away the best work Telltale have done to date, although this is based on only a single episode. I have high hopes for the forthcoming Minecraft series.

Best Game That Should Be On Mac

Dragon Age: Inquisition

By all rights, it’s a single-player MMO, but it’s done really well. Why isn’t it available for Mac? It was advertised as such a while ago, and hell, they got everyone’s attention by advertising for a Mac developer to work on the Frostbite engine, so this just seems inexcusable.


So that’s it for another year. See you in 2015!