Tales from the Borderlands for Mac OS X


A story-driven episodic comedy adventure, set in the Borderlands universe

Tales from the Borderlands (Ep1) Review for Mac OS X

Tales from the Borderlands (Ep1) Review for Mac OS X
After the debacle that was the Mac launch of Tales from the Borderlands, whereupon it was promptly withdrawn on the day of release (with Steam advertising it as being available, no less), a single statement from Telltale Games made asking Mac gamers to follow their twitter feed (where not one single tweet was ever posted about it), followed by another announcement days later saying the Mac version was "now live", and then actually becoming available a day or so after that (coinciding with the release of the first of the Game of Thrones series, which appears to be getting the exact same treatment)– I am now able actually play the first episode and share my thoughts with you.

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