devices are currently receiving push notifications from us.

What are Safari push notifications?

Push notifications are a new feature in Safari 7 and Mac OS 10.9 “Mavericks” that allow websites to send you notifications to your desktop, even when Safari is closed.

At Control Command Escape, we send a push notification whenever we add a new post. If you opt in to the service, you’ll be notified through Mac OS X’s notification center whenever we publish a new post.

How do I enable push notifications for Control Command Escape?

Just visit this site in Safari! Safari will ask you if you want to allow us to send you notifications. If you allow us, you can close Safari and use a different browser, and you’ll continue to receive notifications.


I want to control how the notifications are displayed

As with all notifications on OS X 10.9, you can go to System Preferences > Notifications > Control Command Escape and change the way they look.


How do I turn off push notifications for Control Command Escape?

In Safari, go to Safari > Preferences… > Notifications and set Control Command Escape to “Deny”.


I’m concerned about privacy

As well you should be! So, first of all, the only data we store about you is a device token provided to us by Apple, and then, only if you grant us permission in the first place. It is meaningless to everyone except Apple and looks like this: 96385DA7…

Secondly, all data between us and Apple is sent securely, via SSL (HTTPS) connections.

Finally, if you change your mind and revoke access, Apple sends a notification of this to our server and we delete the device token from our database.


To find out more about Safari Push Notifications, visit the link below.