OS X “Yosemite” Revealed

At WWDC today, Apple revealed the next version of the operating system, OS 10.10 “Yosemite”. Headline features include a new flatter, iOS 7-like visual design, and greater interplay with iOS devices, including the ability to make iPhone calls using your Mac, access to iCloud documents, and the ability to quickly transfer documents between devices. Other improvements include a revamped spotlight, and a system for sending large attachments (up to 5GB) securely using a new technology called “Maildrop”. A new “Photos” application for Yosemite will also be available next year.

A new iCloud pricing model was also announced, with a 20 GB plan available for $0.99 per month. Notably, no improvements to graphical capabilities for Macs was announced (though they were announced for iOS 8, for which EA has apparently ported its Frostbite engine too).

The developer version of the operating system is available today (as is the developer version of iOS 8), with a public beta in the summer. Yosemite is due to be released in Autumn, and will be free (as will iOS 8).