Killing Floor Celebrates Christmas In Space

Killing Floor is the Zombie survival first-person shooter game that keeps on giving. Fresh out of Santa’s gore-laden sack is the new Moonbase level:

Yes, we have Zeds in space. New Moonbase map for you – killing the undead in low gravity! There is the new Schneidzekk Medic Gun for all the healers-who-like-to-kill out there. Scattered around the map you’ll find the pieces of the Z.E.D. Gun – collect them all to be able to zap the Zeds – and catch them in the guns secondary stasis field.

The Christmas themed cast (including the notorious Bad Santa) also make a reappearance. Watch the video below as I barely survive the new map on the lowest possible difficulty setting:

I didn’t manage to collect all the parts for the Z.E.D. gun, but jumping around in zero-g and getting small glimpses of the lunar view through the windows certainly made up for it. The new map will be available through Steam’s latest update.


Your thoughts on this?