I Never Asked for This: Deus Ex HR is Apple’s Game of the Year

Apple have announced their top picks for apps of the year, though in a typically unfathomable move, they’ve given a separate set of awards for the US App Store and a set for everywhere else.

The US Mac App Store has given Deus Ex: Human Revolutions (Ultimate Edition) the Mac gaming crown. Apparently the game doesn’t exist outside of the US then, because the Mac App Store in every other country lists Lego Batman 2: DC Superheroes as the winner, with no mention of Deus Ex anywhere. Either way, it’s a win for Feral Interactive, who published both games. This is also the second time Apple has given Deus Ex an award, with it winning the Apple Design Award earlier in the year.


came in second place in both cases.

Other “Best Games of 2012″ are below, some of which are currently free:

So make of that what you will, but to me that looks like “a list of games that sold well” as opposed to “a list of games that came out this year that are worth playing”.

We’ll have our own list up next week, and we’re still deciding whether to follow Apple’s lead and do a separate set of awards for South-West London.


Your thoughts on this?