THQ Could Be “Evaluating” Mac support

Bear with me, this is a bit of a stretch.

Rock Paper Shotgun picked up on a tweet from THQ president Jason Rubin, who was responding to comment about Linux support:

Got the Linux message load and clear via #HumbleBundle feedback. Evaluating cost/benefit as we speak.

The feedback he’s referring to is the recent THQ bundle featured at Humble Bundle which somewhat atypically only included Windows-compatible games (and many people were also annoyed by it not featuring games by independent developers). So it would appear that THQ, which has produced games such as Saints Row The Third, Darksiders and the Warhammer 40k series of games, is looking into Linux releases for future games. To date, none of the THQ-developed games have been available on the Mac, with the exception of Supreme Commander 2 and the Relic-developed Company of Heroes, but many of the entries in their catalogue would be welcome.

It seems likely that if there will be a Linux version there will also be a Mac version, as porting from Linux to Mac is reasonably trivial. Indeed, a follow-up tweet states “using Unity on one of our current projects”, which means that a Mac version can be created without much fuss.

But for now, we’ll have to wait and see.


Your thoughts on this?