Gog Goes Mac

In their live webcast, Gog.com confirmed our speculation, announcing that they will be supporting the Mac from this point on.

In total there will be 50 Mac-compatible games, 8 of which will be free, and 28 of them will be available on Mac for the first time. You’ll have immediate access to any games you already own previously on Gog (including The Witcher 2). Notably, some of the games available are:

Once purchased, the games will be stored in your Gog account, and you can download them (as well as the many extras that come with it) via your browser or through the native downloader. The games are provided in a dmg file, so you just drag and drop the games into your applications folder.

The key part is that any Mac games you own will also net you the Windows versions (and vice versa), just like Steam (used to).


Your thoughts on this?