Live Coverage of Gog’s Announcement are set to make some Mac-related announcements. You can watch it live, and/or read our live coverage below.

18:52 UTC

“Thanks for coming”

18:52 UTC

Some artwork will be available, a take on the classic Cyberpunk 2020 artwork.

Snapshot 18:10:2012 19:51

18:50 UTC

There’s going to be a blog “dropping a lot of hints and things we didn’t tell you before”.

Snapshot 18:10:2012 19:49

18:48 UTC

Sounds like it will be incredible.

18:48 UTC

Lots of weapons and high-tech stuff.

Snapshot 18:10:2012 19:47

18:47 UTC

Mechanics based on pen & paper system “upgraded to 2077 setting”.

18:45 UTC

It will be a sandbox environment, set in “Night City”

18:43 UTC

“Looking to extrapolate current trends and fears”

18:42 UTC

Creator of Cyberpunk (pen & paper) on stage.

18:42 UTC

Title is Cyberpunk 2077. Assuming there will be a Mac version at this point.

Snapshot 18:10:2012 19:40-2

18:40 UTC

Talking about Cyberpunk. Overwhelmed with positive reception to the news.

Snapshot 18:10:2012 19:39

18:39 UTC

General release in 2013, free for all Witcher 2 owners.

18:38 UTC

Small group have been given access today.

18:36 UTC

Demonstrating the REDKit UI (it’s a Mac UI by the way)

Snapshot 18:10:2012 19:35

18:34 UTC

Talking about the modding tools (REDKit)

Snapshot 18:10:2012 19:34

18:33 UTC

The Witcher (1) is 50% off.

18:33 UTC

You’ll have it automatically if you have the Windows version. Also 25% off on Steam. For 48 hours.

18:32 UTC

Available now. 25% off.

18:32 UTC

Disclaimer about having to meet the minimum Mac specs.

18:32 UTC

Talking about what the game is about (“not for kids”).

18:31 UTC

Coming to Mac! (applause)

Snapshot 18:10:2012 19:30

18:29 UTC

Thanking everyone for buying the game. Showing trailer of the Witcher 2.

18:29 UTC

2 million units sold.

18:28 UTC
Snapshot 18:10:2012 19:28

18:28 UTC

He’s a big Mac fan.

18:27 UTC

CD Projekt RED taking the stage.

18:27 UTC

(It’s going to be Witcher 2 for Mac)

18:26 UTC

“One more thing”

Snapshot 18:10:2012 19:26-2

18:26 UTC
18:26 UTC

You can get gift codes for any games you already have.

18:25 UTC
Snapshot 18:10:2012 19:25

18:25 UTC

Get all 32 games if you pay .99 or more, 20 of them if you beat the average.

18:24 UTC

Interplay games.

Pay what you want for Interplay games. (No idea how many of those will be Mac-compatible)

Snapshot 18:10:2012 19:23

18:22 UTC

“Now the big surprise”

18:22 UTC

(The other non-Mac games are Puddle and Giana Sisters)

18:22 UTC

You can pre-order Deponia 2 at 30% off. You can also get Deponia (the first one) at 40% off until November 6.

18:19 UTC
Snapshot 18:10:2012 19:18

18:18 UTC

CEO and Founder of Daedalic is talking about the new Deponia game.

18:17 UTC

The Mac game will be Chaos on Deponia (Deponia 2).

18:15 UTC

Onto the new games. 3 new games coming today (one of which will be available for the Mac).

18:14 UTC

Some information about Windows 8.

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18:13 UTC
Snapshot 18:10:2012 19:12

18:12 UTC
Snapshot 18:10:2012 19:11

18:12 UTC
Snapshot 18:10:2012 19:09

18:12 UTC

8 free games with all accounts.

18:11 UTC

Download from browser or with native Gog downloader.

18:10 UTC

It’s a DMG that you’ll download, just drag the game into your Applications folder.

18:09 UTC

Another video, showing how it will work.

18:09 UTC

You get both Mac and PC versions.

18:08 UTC
Snapshot 18:10:2012 19:06

18:08 UTC

50 games to start.

28 for the first time ever on a Mac!

18:08 UTC

More recent ones, The Witcher, FTL.

18:07 UTC

Games like Syndicate, Simcity 2000, Dungeon Keeper

18:07 UTC

Did a lot of testing.

18:07 UTC

“Gog is going Mac”!!

18:06 UTC

There’s a MacBook Pro!

18:06 UTC

The trailer’s a bit longer than one we’ve seen. Features “Gogbook”

18:05 UTC

Is going to be Mac, isn’t it?

18:04 UTC

Which platform? There’s a trailer (the same one at the bottom of the post.

18:04 UTC

3 new announcements: new games, new OS, Interplay announcement.

18:03 UTC
Snapshot 18:10:2012 19:02

18:02 UTC

Marcin Iwinski is up first.

17:58 UTC

It’s starting. “Gog is four years old.”

17:50 UTC

Sounds like it’s the Witcher 2 soundtrack playing.

17:44 UTC

Nothing but a dramatic Wither 2 image at the moment. There’s going to be announcements by both CD Projekt RED and

17:42 UTC

You can watch the whole thing live (in HD) here.

12:25 UTC

It’s not due to start for a little while yet, but you can watch the minutes tick with this timer.

The event is due to kick off at 6pm GMT.


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