Black Ops Mac is a Go

Aspyr’s brought Call of Duty Black Ops to Steam, and you can get it right now. Some things to be aware of/concerned about:

  1. We had a lot of performance issues with it on Nvidia hardware, even on our venerable Mac Pro with GTX 570, making it basically unplayable. Aspyr tells us that these will be fixed in an upcoming driver update.
  2. Having the Windows version on Steam won’t automatically net you the OS X version, it has to be bought separately.
  3. It’s not cheap, and neither is the day-one DLC (although it’s arguably cheaper than when it debuted on Windows some two years ago).
  4. Multiplayer is limited to the Mac. This means you can only play with anyone who has the Mac version on Steam, or the forthcoming App Store version. There’s no cross-platform multiplayer. So no shooting Windows gamers in the face (at least, not in this game).

This appears to be the first Mac game on Steam that needs to be bought separately from the Windows version. I presume this means we’ll be seeing more of this in the future.

ThePoison33 is wading through a sea of bullets and explosions right now to bring us more intel on the game very soon.

Update: It’s also available on the Mac App Store:


Your thoughts on this?