Gog.com to add Mac Support (Probably)

In a teasing blog post, Gog.com announced an upcoming special event, to talk about “New OSes” amongst other things.

Further down, the post reads:

Not only console and PC users should tune in for the conference. Mac Computer users should be prepared for a bunch of thrilling announcements including more information about the upcoming release of The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings for OS X.

Speaking of new operating systems, GOG.com will also be announcing that it is bringing the best PC games from throughout history to a new operating system. That’s not all of the news that GOG.com has planned for the Special Event, however: they will also be showcasing several new releases as well as giving gamers a unique chance to get some of the greatest classic games ever made for a literally unbeatable price.

Which means either Mac or Linux support (or maybe both). Mac support has seemed an obvious route for Gog.com to take for a while now, with numerous games on their catalog already having Mac versions available elsewhere, including both The Witcher games (with the Mac version of The Witcher 2 currently in beta).

Hopefully this will also mean a Mac version of Cyberpunk, and if that happens I may have to take a month off for medical reasons.

You can watch the event on the 18th of October at 18:00 (GMT) on Facebook or Gog.com.


Your thoughts on this?