The Witcher 2: Assassin of Kings (Enhanced Edition) for Mac OS X

The Witcher 2: Assassin of Kings (Enhanced Edition) Review for Mac OS X

The Witcher 2: Assassin of Kings (Enhanced Edition) Review for Mac OS X
Initially available in May 2011 as a Windows-only release, it was later brought to Xbox 360, at which point the Windows versions were patched to an "enhanced edition", adding some extra content. In October 2012, having sold 2 million copies and coinciding with's fourth birthday, it was released for Mac.

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    Jon says:

    This game just got released and it takes like 30 hours to play. How do you already have a review up? lol.

      Jon says:

      Also sounds like you’ve never played The Witcher, as you had to remember what each Sign was. I think this game should also be commented on from someone who knows the first game. If you haven’t played it you are missing a serious chunk of lore, character relationships and major events.

      Obviously you have high praise for the game, as do I, a long time fan. (since 2007.) But “best game ever” is a stretch, as it is very much an RPG. I’m going to go with “best RPG on the Mac.” as “best game ever” is a significantly more relative opinion.

        Jon says:

        Another few thoughts. This is such a deep, rich game, and this review comes off as somewhat light and hasty. Its great to have a quick review out the day after a big game, but there’s an imbalance of speed vs review depth here. There’s lots more that could be said. Maybe some people don’t care, but I feel the game deserves more to be said.

        And then there’s playing through the game more than once with considerably different outcomes and plot lines. There’s also importing your saves from The Witcher (1) which further enhances the gameplay.

          NinjaFoodstuff says:

          The review was by no means quick. Bear in mind this version is for all intents and purposes, the same game that was released back in April. And it’s certainly a lot shorter than my first draft, but the intent here is not to provide a dissertation on the game.
          Certainly if you feel more needs to be said, that’s why we have a comments section.

        NinjaFoodstuff says:

        Yes I’ve played The Witcher. A long time ago, and in any case I don’t think there’s much to miss out on by having not played it. Certainly the flashbacks make more sense. I stand by the remark about having to remember the various signs, I think there could quite easily been something in the menus to give you more of a hint as to what they do. An abstract symbol and name do not suffice.

        “unquestionably the best game to ever grace the Mac platform” does sound a bit too objective, I’ll revisethe wording so that it comes across as more subjective.

          Jon says:

          Fair enough. I guess you played this back in April on windows? That would make sense. 🙂

          I still think everyone should play the first game. I know its not *required* or anything, but as someone who has a keen interest in story and lore, the first game has a lot of good stuff. Though the mechanics are a touch dated by this point.

          Re: Signs, that’s fair too. I’m such a Witcher fanboy (I read all the books as well) who likes complicated and detail stuff it never bothered me :D. I played through the tutorial out of curiosity, and I thought they did a good job there of having you use each sign and what it does.

    Jon says:

    Final thoughts. Given this game is a sequel it merits comparisons to the first. i.e, what is different in terms of mechanics/gameplay vs the structure of things in the original. Not everyone playing this will have done the first game, but there’s definitely a lot of fans out there, and it should be taken into consideration. I doubt you’re going to revise your review over it, but something to think about for future reviews involving sequels. 🙂

    The Ajarn says:

    I’m fortunate to have cashed in on the 25% PC+MAC offer coz this game absolutely SUCKS on a mac! Even with gfx turned all the way down it’s a slideshow on an early 2011″ macbook pro (2.2Ghz quad i7) with 16GB RAM and AMD Radeon 6750M. It is playable on Windoze in Bootcamp, however.

    But still… from the gfx I’ve seen in YouTube videos (high-ultra settings) I do NOT understand why it has such a huge tax on graphics. They keep boasting about this ‘new graphics system’ blah blah… well it simply SUCKS BALLS big time!! What retarded system has such a huge tax on graphics cards? I’ve experienced better graphics with RAGE and Blades of Time and they didn’t play like slideshows in OS X at all. So this leads me to believe that the graphics engine TW2 uses is really just crap in its infancy and needs a serious overhaul.

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