Game of the Year 2012: #2

The final game before we reveal our personal favourites, and of course, the all-important GOTY, is:

The Witcher 2: Assassin of Kings (Enhanced Edition)

I was surprised as anyone that this game made it to the Mac. Having played it previously on our arch-nemesis Bill Gate’s system, I’d come away with a lot of thoughts towards how such a game could revolutionise gaming on the Mac, if only developers were keen enough to grace it as a platform. I even struggled to get the game to work under Parallels, and gave up hope of ever seeing it. Then the unexpected happened, with it cropping up on Steam suddenly, before being given the official nod for a Mac release.

And what a game! Whilst some have criticised it for relying too heavily on the previous game and/or the books, I found it to be quite the opposite. Let the backstory be backstory, and instead focus on Geralt’s more immediate problems. But good grief, the world that’s been created by CDProjekt is truly extraordinary, and it’s one that I sometimes think about, in the same way that you might have memories of a holiday abroad somewhere. Sure, not all the food was to everyone’s liking, and some of the people could be a bit odd, but the sights, sounds and culture were the thing.


Your thoughts on this?