Game of the Year 2012: Ninja Foodstuff’s Choice

Just before we unravel 2012’s best game for Mac gamers, here’s ^⌘⎋ editor Ninja Foodstuff with his personal favourite game of the year:

The Walking Dead

This was a real suprise for me. After a steady decline in game quality, culminating in the disastrous Jurassic Park on Windows, Telltale sparang back with the episodic Walking Dead. After a few minutes playing, I’d come to the conclusion that maybe, this was going to be as good as the first Back to the Future game. By the mid-point of the series I was hooked. Here were characters I cared about, and by extensions, decisions that I agonised over. The Walking Dead cast a spell on me, so much so that I didn’t care about how much of said decision-making was illusory; it simply didn’t matter. I was so taken by the end, that I felt compelled to write about it at some length.


Your thoughts on this?