The Moment You’ve Been Waiting For: Steam Holiday Sale

The Steam Holiday Sale is on right now, with staggering discounts on a wide variety of stuff. Indeed it seems like the sale is now a game in itself, a veritable sequel to previous sales, with everything we’ve seen before together in order to make a grab for your money. There’s “franchise” sales, daily deals, “community choice” sales (where you get to vote for the game you’d most like to see discounted) flash sales (which are valid for a short period only, publisher packs and just generally games having had their prices slashed. I’m just going to call those metasales. Infuriatingly they’ve also kept the silly layout from last time which means that you can’t tell if a game is Mac-compatible without clicking into it first.

But there’s new stuff too, in the form of gift cards, and wishlist notifications to tell you when that special game you’ve had your eye on goes cheap. The sale will run until January 5 (which is probably the day to buy up anything that din’t crop up in one of the metasales. I would expect that Savygamer will be keeping track of the state of play each day, so head on over there to get the best ones.



    hipstar says:

    Just bought Witcher 1. Waiting to finish it before picking up 2

      MacSanta says:

      Well has MacSanta got a treat for you! Witcher 2 coming down the chimney!

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