TF2 Gets “Mecha” Update

There’s another seasonal update for Team Fortress 2, this time the focus is on the engineer class, who gains a new nemesis in the form of the teleporting “Mecha-Engineer”:

So, you battle-hardened MvM vets think you’ve got that whole “stopping murderous waves of robots” thing figured out, huh? Well, re-check those figures, because the robot hordes just added a deadly new class to their clanking, soulless ranks: The Mecha-Engineer! And as the incredible art above this paragraph illustrates, it will be over one hundred feet tall! (It will not.) Not to worry, though, because it looks like Engineer will also be one hundred feet tall! (He also will not.)

There’s also a new Mann vs Machine map called “Big Rock”, the usual splattering of new weapons and crates (and probably hats), and a new comic to celebrate the whole thing.


Your thoughts on this?