Game of the Year 2012: #2 (#2)

Ok, so I’ll admit, we’ve cheated a little. There’s actually another game in second place:

Batman: Arkham City (Game of the Year Edition)

Released just in time to make our GOTY deadline, whilst proving to be one of the strongest games of the year, Arkham City is different from most of the other games we’ve included in our list in that it seems to be a game for just about everyone. It ticks all the boxes: good, arcadey combat, upgrades, exploration, puzzle solving, great audio and visuals, and an engrossing story, I’d even argue that you don’t need to be a Batman fan to enjoy it (if there is such a person). As expected, Feral Interactive produced a solid port of the game, even lumping in all of the DLC, with the end result being a game that every Mac gamer should own.

I made the comparison in our review to a rollercoaster ride, and that still seems to be the metaphor I’d use when looking back at the experience. It’s hard to put the game under the microscope and say what exactly are the thought processes that I experienced whilst playing it; it was pure thrill, white noise bouncing around in my head until it was time to get off. I’d like to revisit it at some point, tie up all the loose ends, see what happens when the Riddler is bested, and hopefully I will soon.



Your thoughts on this?