Crossover 12 Released

CodeWeavers’ Crossover, software that allows you to run Windows applications and games within Mac OS (and Linux), has been updated to version 12 today. Version 12 includes a new “experimental Mac Driver”:

With the Mac Driver, Windows programs running under CrossOver no longer have to use the X Window System to interact with the screen and keyboard. This feature is currently experimental but will become the way all CrossOver applications work on OS X in the future.

Other improvements include boosting the Wine framework it’s built on to 1.5.15, the inclusion of a .NET 4.0 emulation layer (Wine-Mono), and support for World of Tanks and er, Guild Wars 2, which has a beta Mac client already, but perhaps Crossover runs it better. YOU DECIDE.

It’s also worth noting that Crossover 12 will no longer run on OS 10.5, and that CodeWeavers use an utterly daft licensing system, whereby you are only entitled to update the software if you’re within the support period since you bought the software (in other words, you can not update the bloody thing after 30 days of buying it unless you paid extra for the year-long support period. CodeWeavers, take note: this is exceptionally stupid and hurts legitimate customers).


Your thoughts on this?