Duke Nukem 3D on Mac and Free for 48 Hours

The lovely people at Gog.com are giving away Duke Nukem 3D for free!


The Mayans have warned us: the world is in grave danger. Some think it’s going to be a giant meteor, a solar storm, a super-volcano, or a lethal plague. But the gamers of planet Earth know better than that! That’s right. We know the real truth. We’re onto you, space-aliens. We’ve seen through your plot. Pretending that you don’t exist, hiding your massive fleet near Uranus, and planning to strike on 12.21.12. So you think you can invade our planet and live to tell the story to your slimy bug-eyed grandmaggots? Well, think again. We’ve got Duke Nukem. And what have you got? Lasers? Plasma cannons? Mutant beasts? Deathrays? You make us laugh. Ha. Ha.

I was reminiscing about the classic Duke Nukem games only the other day, and left it unsaid that I’d dearly love to see 3D get a Mac release. Well, Christmas has come early (again), with Gog.com not only releasing a Mac version for the first time, but also giving it away for free.

What’s the catch? Well, you’ll need a Gog.com account (which you should really have already), and you’ll need to claim (or send as a gift) the game before 3pm (GMT) on December 14.

As if that isn’t enough, there’s also a sale on again! Each day will have different games available, with today’s featuring the “Bullfrog Favourites” collection: eight classic Bullfrog games (5 of which are Mac-compatible), such as Syndicate and Dungeon Keeper, are up for grabs, with a 50% discount on each (or a 75% discount if you buy the whole bundle). Many other games in the catalogue are also 50% off for the duration of the sale.


Your thoughts on this?