Empire: Total War (Gold Edition) for Mac OS X


Whether your heart lies in forging strong diplomatic and trade alliances or reducing your enemies to piles of rubble, Empire: Total War allows you to take over the eighteenth-century world however you choose.

Empire: Total War (Gold Edition) Review for Mac OS X

Empire: Total War (Gold Edition) Review for Mac OS X
Empire: Total War is the fifth game in the Total War series and is a turn-based strategy and real-time tactics game. Developed originally for Windows by The Creative Assembly in 2009 and has now ported to Mac by Feral Interactive. Feral Interactive are responsible for a vast amount of Mac ports, from Borderlands and Deus Ex: Human Revolution to Lego Batman and Worms 3D. The release of the Mac port of Empire: Total War is a major accomplishment for Feral Interactive and is their largest release to date.

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