There Will Be Total War on September 13

Feral have announced the release date of their hotly anticipated Empire: Total War (Gold Edition). It will be available on September 13 from the Mac App Store and Feral’s own online store.

Empire: Total War takes the popular format of building an army and deploying troops across a 3D battlefield, and moves it into the 18th century, adding naval warfare into the mix. The Windows version was extremely well received back in 2009. The “gold edition” comprises all the DLC, including “The Warpath Campaign, where players take command of one of five Native American factions, defending their lands from invaders” and “four unit packs, the Special Forces Units and the Elite Units of the East, West and America”

Multiplayer via LAN will be available at launch, with online multiplayer and full Game Center integration coming in a future update.

I had a chat with Feral Interactive’s Edwin Smith earlier this week, and I’ll be posting the best bits soon. In the meantime, here’s some screenshots and a trailer to enjoy.

If you’re still not satiated, there’s likely to be some additional information available at Feral’s mini-site.


Your thoughts on this?