Tomb Raider to Raid Tombs Tombmorrow

After a mysterious delay, last year’s Tomb Raider reboot will hit the Mac App Store tomorrow, January 23rd, and will be available on “other stores” on the 30th.

Does this mean we’ll get a SteamPlay release? Feral aren’t saying so specifically, but given that they’ve started doing this with recent games, it seems likely. A trip over to SteamDB seems to confirm that this is the case. Likewise, the press release states that “A Steam account will be required to access online multiplayer, which supports Mac-to-Mac play only” (UPDATE: SteamPlay release confirmed by Feral). Also worth noting that the in-every-way-inferior-why-do-people-keep-buying Mac App Store edition will not support any multiplayer at all.

Will it look like the Windows version did when I played it on release (as in the image above), or will the Mac version actually be playable? We’ll have a full review very soon, but we do know that it’ll require OS 10.9.1, at least 4 GB RAM and a 512 GB graphics card to run.


Your thoughts on this?