Coming Soon: The Mac Games of 2014

With every new year comes a long list of things that might happen that year. Not least of all of those things are new games that will be released. Some of those games, the very best ones we hope, will be available for Mac.

No-one can say for sure exactly which games, partly because some publishers don’t like to admit that they make Mac games, but partly because everyone likes to hedge their bets. So I’ve compiled a brief list of some of the anticipated games we can actually expect this year, broken promises notwithstanding.

The old-school RPG saga Eschalon continues, and is due February 14th, awww.

The popular boardgame Dominion is available to play online in a browser right now in beta. There might be a native Mac client at some point.

Currently in closed beta, Blizzard’s CCG HearthStone should be released this year.

The first expansion for Diablo III, Reaper of Souls, might actually be good, due March 25.

Blizzard’s answer to DOTA 2, Heroes of the Storm is hotly anticipated. But will it be as popular? Should at least make beta this year.

Lastly from the Mac-lovers at Blizzard, the concluding part of StarCraft II, Legacy of the Void will likely be out this year, though no date has been announced.

The Elder Scrolls Online marks the first Elder Scrolls game to make its way to Mac has a lot to live up to. It’s due in “Spring” but you can sign up for the beta now.

The conclusion to Hotline Miami is due this year.

Dark point-and-click adventure Gods Will Be Watching will be playable in Spring.

Lego The Hobbit has been announced for Mac, but it’s not clear if we’ll get the Mac version this year along with the other platforms.

The latest in the banana republic autocracy simulator,Tropico 5, is due in April.

Kickstarter-resurrected point-and-click Tex Murphy returns this year in Tesla Effect.

What Supergiant did after Bastion; Transistor is due out this year.

Kickstarter-funded spiritual sequel to Baldur’s Gate Pillars of Eternity is due this year.

The makers of Dungeons of Dredmor will bring us Clockwork Empires, an accessible, steampunk version of Dwarf Fortress.

Geralt returns with a vengeance, and a beard, in the concluding part of The Witcher. Whether the Mac version will be available this year is anyone’s guess at this point.

The fantasy version of Endless Space, Endless Legend should be available this year.

Telltale surprised no-one by announcing a new pseudo-point-and-click adventure, but perhaps surprised everyone by making it set in the Borderlands universe. Tales from the Borderlands is due this year, though that probably means you won’t be able to play it to completion until next year.

With action stars and gameplay lifted from the 80s, Broforce will be brovailable this year.

Kickstarter-fuelled Carmageddon Reincarnation is entering beta soon, with a release to happen later in the year.

F1 2013 was delayed, but should be available very soon.

Another 2013-edition game, the rebooted Tomb Raider should also be with us very soon.

Finally, there’s an absolute boat-load of games that are already on Steam Early Access that might also get a full release.