Retribution Will Revamp Bounty Hunting in EVE

EVE Online is set to get its 18th expansion, “Retribution” on December 4th. The expansion is set to overhaul the way bounty hunting works, allowing players to put bounties on each other, or go after those with bounties and claim the reward. The “Crimewatch” karma-like system will also be receiving some changes to make it clearer to see what the consequences of different actions will be.

Needless to say, there will also be some rebalancing changes too:

EVE Online: Retribution will see all frigates, destroyers and cruisers collectively reworked in a tremendous game balancing effort that will lead to massive play style refreshments for pilots of all skill levels. Four new Tier 2 destroyer-class ships will be added alongside major changes in other systems, including NPC artificial intelligence, factional warfare, sound design and the user interface.

As always, the update will be free to all subscribers. For those who haven’t yet taken the plunge into EVE Online’s (literal) universe, a trial version is available.


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