A Valley Without Wind 2 Will Be a Free Upgrade

Arcen Games, creators of AI War (review coming real soon), have provided details of a sequel to their hit-and-miss freeform platformer, A Valley Without Wind, in a blog post.

The new game will attempt to address a lot of concerns people had with the original, particularly the art style, which was rather cluttered, to put it kindly. Other things that will be in the sequel are new characters and enemies, less grinding, a new turn-based city builder, and an awful lot more.

Make no mistake, Valley 2 is a true sequel — it’s a lot more different from the first game than many sequels are compared to their original.  There are a lot of changes I’ve been wanting to make for a while to the game, but these changes were too deep to do without angering players who bought one game and then had us change it on them to that degree.  This way players can keep playing the original in its current state (though we won’t be doing much more of anything to update the original game from here on out), and they can also enjoy the awesome sequel for free as well.

So basically anyone who owns the original will automatically get the sequel too, and if you buy the sequel, you’ll get the original.

(via RPS)


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