Qube Available for Mac

QUBE (Quick Understanding of Block Extrusion) is a game which seemingly can’t help but be compared to Portal. As a first-person puzzler, set in a sterile set of test chambers, comparisons were inevitable, but it’s the differences that make the game interesting.

The gameplay involves navigating a series of rooms with the ability to manipulate different coloured blocks that react in different ways. Having struck a bit of a chord with fans of the genre, it has now made its way to the Mac via our old friend Steam:

Today is the moment all you Apple fanatics have been waiting for…the launch of QUBE on the Mac! We apologies it’s been a long time coming but there have been endless bug fixes to contend with. We can assure you that it’s ready to go and it’s on Steam right NOW ready to be downloaded. No more waiting, go go go! We’ll be bringing it to the Mac App Store early next year, too.

Qube originally launched a year ago, with Joystiq’s Jessica Conditt calling it ” a delightful on-screen Rubik’s Cube to puzzle-lovers and perfectionists everywhere”.


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