The Dark Mod Seeks Mac Testers

The Dark Mod is a highly-regarded mod that aims to bring “Thief” gameplay to Doom 3. An update posted today sees the team asking for Mac gamers to help with testing:

In June 2011, the release of TDM 1.06 added support for Mac OSX.
While this was not an easy achievement given the number of build components that were required (launcher, updater, game dll, etc), it was much easier than the project to bring all the build requirements for the Doom 3 GPL code into the project. This task is now (finally) nearing completion.We are asking the OSX community to sign-up at the forums and help with TDM 1.08 install and play-testing. There is also a graphical installing in the works and we hope to have that available shortly as well.

The mod has garnered plenty of attention, and even an award since its release back in October 2009. What’s significant about the 1.08 version is that it no longer requires ownership of Doom 3, making it a standalone game in its own right. Edit: It appears that Doom 3 is still required for certain assets.

If you want to help out (and please do), visit the official Dark Mod forums.

(via Reddit)


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