Poor Show at the Eurogamer Expo 2012

So the Eurogamer Expo 2012 is upon us, the annual excuse for Brits to gawp at unfeasibly dressed Nvidia girls, stand in hour-long lines to play games that will be released in a month for 20 minutes, and generally exchange bacteria via an assortment of gaming peripherals. I headed over there today, where I bought the world’s smallest Latte and went to snoop out anything Mac-related.

I didn’t see a single Apple logo until I’d worked my way to the back of the room, and that was for the upcoming iOS version of Carmageddon. PC-based games were shunned somewhat, having been relegated to a small corner labelled as “Rezzed”. The atmosphere was different in the Rezzed zone, as if everyone there was a bit anxious about being in such close proximity to the much louder console-based stuff looming over them; either that or waiting for security to come over and ask them what they think they’re doing at an expo so clearly only aimed at people with televisions.

Inside a makeshift corridor was the Indie gaming scene (and the only Mac-related games at all), looking very, well, unglamorous (and sponsored by Sega, no less). A row of PCs with the names of the games scrawled above each one, and that was about it. Prison Architect (who are currently have the alpha version available to those who pre-order) put on the bravest front, with a row of PCs out in the open, and a decent attempt at a professional-looking booth; although no mention was made anywhere about the Mac platform.

Given that the Windows presence was so minuscule  it’s perhaps unsurprising that mainstream gaming is not yet ready to embrace the Mac as a viable gaming platform yet. Until next year then.

Eurogamer Expo is on until Sunday 30th September, and you can head over there if you fancy having a crack at some games like Black Ops II and Halo 4, some of which will unfortunately probably never grace the Mac.


Your thoughts on this?