The Swindle Heading to Mac

Size Five Games, the developers behind point-and-click hits “Ben There, Dan That!” and “Time Gentlemen, Please!” have revealed in a blog post that they will be bringing their latest creation, “The Swindle” to the Mac.

Initially the project was being coded with the XNA Framework, which would have precluded it somewhat from being ported to platforms other than Windows. They ran into some technical hitches (which you can read all about in the post) with Windows 8 compatibility, and the decision was made to port everything to Unity, which means that Mac and Linux versions should be forthcoming too.

If you like the look of The Swindle and want to help keep lovely Tim working on it as long as humanly possible, there’s a Donations page here or you can buy/ gift copies of Ben There, Dan That! and Time Gentlemen, Please! through Steam. That sort of thing is all impossibly helpful, so if you’re one of those heroes who owns several copies of my games by now: thank you.

(via RPS)


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