Macs to form Jagged Alliance with Full Control

Jagged Alliance is coming to Mac.

That’s really all that needs to be said on the matter, but I’ll provide what little additional detail I can. Copenhagen-based Full Control (who are also bringing us Space Hulk very soon) have secured the rights to the Jagged Alliance series, which was a modern-day take on X-COM-style turn-based strategy in the 90s. Jagged Aliance 2 is fondly remembered (and missed) by many gamers, and although a remake, titled “Back In Action” was released for Windows last year, it failed to win the hearts of the minds of the loyal fans, at least partially due to the removal of turn-based elements.

The series has never been available for the Mac platform.

Speaking to Rock, Paper, Shotgun today, CEO Thomas Hentschel Lund said:

It is one of the 3 games besides X-Com and Fallout that really defined the entire genre and is part of our DNA…We are honored and excited to have been the confidence given by bitComposer to give the series a fresh new take whilst staying true to the core mechanics.

We contacted Full Control to see if this would include a Mac version, who confirmed that it would. And will the Mac version get the treatment it deserves? “Half the studio are Mac users”, said Lund.

No release date or any other pertinent information is available yet, so it will probably follow behind the release of Space Hulk, which is itself looking very promising already. There’s no doubt that the success of (also coming soon to Mac) XCOM: Enemy Unknown has paved the way for turn-based strategy to make a resurgence, and more games like this for Mac gamers are always welcome.


Your thoughts on this?