Bungie’s Pathway back to darkness

Creator of Halo and former Mac developer Bungie have done something pretty cool. They’ve ported their 20 year-old FPS Pathways Into Darkness for OS X.

Originally created for System 6 (!) in August 1993, it proved to be quite a hit, and is certainly the only FPS I can think of that made use of multiple windows. Rather astonishingly, there’s a review from Inside Mac Games from when it first came out (really, go read it), where Jon Blum called it “one of the best Macintosh games I’ve ever played”, whilst having to explain concepts like “360° freedom of movement”, and that “the only thing missing is the data-glove and 3D head-gear!”

We may still be some ways away from the data-glove and 3D head-gear, but that hasn’t stopped Bungie pulling out all the stops:

Painstakingly recreated and updated for OS X, Pathways into Darkness is now free and available for ancient grizzled fans and newcomers to the series.

Yup. Free, from the Mac App Store.

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