Humble Bundle (with Android) 5 Bundles Some Mac Games

[Insert wisecrack about Vessel still not having been released on Mac yet here]

It’s Humble Bundle time again, and I think at this point they need to start including a subtitle. Thus I give you Humble Bundle with Android 5: UltraHexagonDefenders.

Surely you know the deal now, pay what you want, get some cracking games. Here’s what’s included this time around:

  • Dungeon Defenders (+ all DLC) – If you pay more than the average
  • Super Hexagon – If you pay more than the average
  • Beat Hazard Ultra
  • Dynamite Jack
  • Solar 2
  • NightSky HD

All of them have Mac versions, and there are also some soundtracks for some of them included. As has been the case with previous bundles, I should think some games will be added later too. Trailer? Trailer:

(via RPS)


Your thoughts on this?