How not to release a game, by Rockstar

Max Payne 3 is coming! We already knew that, though right? To recap, Max Payne 3 showed up on Steam a while ago, with the store even listing it as having a Mac version. This was then reverted, although the game (to this day) still shows in the Mac section of Steam users who own the Windows version.

Today it was finally revealed that the game via the most obvious of distribution channels, Twitter:

The link in the tweet directs to the official Max Payne 3 website (which rather amusingly goes to the trouble of checking that you enter a valid date of birth), where the following additional information can be gleaned:

  • It’ll be available via the Mac App Store
  • There are some vague recommendations of which Mac will run it, seemingly based upon a Mac they happened to have lying around
  • “The  PC and MAC versions of Max Payne 3 support a number of advanced graphics options, scalable high-resolution textures and character models, DirectX11 features, multi-monitor support and 3D.”

Ah yes, that support for DirectX11 and 3D we’ve been looking forward to in our games on Mac OS. I trust we’ll be able to run the game from the Start menu too?

Notably, there’s no information to suggest it’ll even be available on Steam at all (though if that isn’t the case, I’ll be angry enough about it to rage about it here until I die a horrible, slow-motion death). There’s also no press release or announcement anywhere outside of Twitter right now.

It’s as if they don’t care. 🙁

Us Mac users love Twitter though, and/or are telepathic, so that’s OK.

(via Cult of Mac)


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