Did You Know Anno Online is on Open Beta?

Anno Online, the browser-based, free-to-play version of its waterbound trading simulator is now open for beta. Anyone can sign up, even you with the iMac. It’s so true they even went to the trouble of putting an iMac in their trailer.

This tells me two things: first, that there’s finally an Anno game that you can play on your Mac. Second, that somewhere at Ubisoft’s palace is a Macintosh computer. Now, if they’d only install some of their own games on it (like maybe Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood with a gamepad connected), they’d see what a hard time they’ve been giving us with their problematic ports.

By all accounts, the free-to-play aspects of the game are not particularly offensive, and there’s said to be no more resets happening, so you can play now as if it is the finished game! Great, huh?


Your thoughts on this?