Borderlands 2 Next DLC: Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt

The next DLC for Borderlands 2 will focus on monsters, featuring fan favourite Sir Hammerlock:

What starts off as a relaxing hunting expedition with Sir Hammerlock soon takes a sinister turn as our Vault Hunters stumble across a new villain intent on restoring the legacy of Handsome Jack. Irresistible new loot, memorable new quests, a variety of challenging and exotic new enemies, a new vehicle and more await players as they fight their way through the never-before-seen lands of Aegrus to give this evil-doer the old one-two!

Presumably this means that the DLC will be set after the main campaign then. Watch the somewhat informationless trailer below:

Keep an eye on Control Command Escape, as we’ll have a Borderlands 2 exclusive for you very soon. Meanwhile, here’s another Borderlands 2 Shift key (thanks WTCBB-H5WHC-5F3T3-TBT3T-HR6TJ

The Windows release date is January 15, so the Mac version should be shortly after that.


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