Exclusive Giveaway of Borderlands 2

UPDATE: The giveaway has now ended, thanks to everyone who took part.

What’s so great about Borderlands 2? All the loot.

What’s so great about Control Command Escape? All the loot.

Thanks to Aspyr, we’ve got 4 copies of Borderlands 2 (Steam version), our very own Game of the Year, to give away.

But there’s more! What’s better than a copy of Borderlands 2?

We’re also giving away an additional copy of Borderlands 2 with all the DLC (so far) included!

How can I get in on that action?

Glad you asked. At the top of this post is a picture from Borderlands 2. In the picture, we’ve cleverly edited out a number. That number is the amount of credits our character had last week. But how many credits is it?

Send your guess (one per person) in a private message to MacSanta before the 1st of January 2013; whomever is the closest will win the grand prize, with the next four scoring their own copy of Borderlands 2!

But there’s so much more!

We’ve also got other games to give away too. Post your personal Mac Game of the Year in the comments below, and maybe win something (hint: post in your status which game you’d like but weren’t able to get this year).


The correct answer was 37,092, as can be seen below. Borderlands 2 keys will be sent out to the 5 closest answers.



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    Redsyxx says:

    Thanks to CCE for the give-away and great content!

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