ResidualVM Brings Grim Fandango to Mac

Grim Fandango was a masterpiece of a game. An adventure game set in a 3D world (that somehow manages not to look dated even by today’s standards, despite being 14 years old), put together by a “dream team” (most of whom are now at Double Fine), it’s also a game that was never available on the Mac in any form.

Today that changes however, as the ScummVM team have announced in a post:

Grim Fandango was created on the peak of LucasArts games popularity. The ever-inspirational Tim Schafer in a fury of artistry packed together the best atmosphere he could create and the game was born. For a while there was great and steady efforts on creating an engine which would run this masterpiece on the modern hardware. The project is called ResidualVM. After more than 9 years of hard work, our “sister” project, ResidualVM has reached a stable state and is now announcing their first stable release. We survived the apocalypse! Let’s celebrate that: grab your original of Grim Fandango and visit their site!

ResidualVM is currently at version 0.1.0 and is available to download for the Mac. The engine also supports other LUA-based engines, notably 2000’s Escape From Monkey Island. The only downside to all of this of course, is that there’s currently nowhere to get the original games from (are you listening, Gog?)


Your thoughts on this?