Call of Duty: Black Ops for Mac OS X

Call of Duty: Black Ops Review for Mac OS X

Call of Duty: Black Ops Review for Mac OS X
First released in 2010, Black Ops was the best-selling video game of all time, (in fact, beating its own predecessor, Modern Warfare 2, and later being beaten by the next instalment  Modern Warfare 3).

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    chris says:

    Great review. I was wondering if you have had any success setting up a wired Xbox 360 controller with this game? I know it says in the description that it is supported but I haven’t had any luck.

      NinjaFoodstuff says:

      Hmm, I only tested it with mouse & keyboard. I’ve just now tried the wired controller and it’s greyed out. It could be it’s not compatible with the tattiebogle driver. Anyway, I’ll update the article and I’d recommend you log a ticket at

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