I Get This Call Every Day Review for Mac OS X

The game garnered some attention when its existence was acknowledged by the local press, leading to the developer getting fired from the job the game was based on.

The game itself is extremely simple: you get a phone call, and make choices about how to proceed. At best, the entire conversation will take ten minutes, at worst it might be over in under a minute. The “game”, such as it is, is in replaying and seeing how things might have turned out differently. It doesn’t cover any of the other aspects of life in a call centre, such as the extreme level of time management and brutal regime-enforcing that many get subjected to, but the expected overtones of totalitarianism and frustration are certainly present.

Overall, it manages to achieve a sense of knowing self-humour, the sort of thing that makes you laugh, then stop and think, and then feel quite down, but even that wears off. After all, I don’t get this call every day, and for that I can feel good.

Performance & Quality

The game is not a technical masterpiece on any level. There’s no animation, and art style looks like it was thrown together in Microsoft Paint, but given the subject matter, works rather well. The game itself runs in a flash player window, which can be made full-screen, but must be zoomed in (and remains in a 4:3 area in any case). The voice acting on the other hand is competent. There’s no option for subtitles, but I feel that would be missing the point.


The game is currently available direct from the developer, and is on Steam Greenlight.

Gameplay Video

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