XCOM: Enemy Unknown Confirmed Mac release

Well this shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone who’s been tracking the Feral radar for the past few months, but it’s now confirmed: you’ll be able to play XCOM: Enemy Unknown on your Mac.

The Windows version of the game was universally well-received, with RPS’ Alec Meer calling it “a bounteous strategy/roleplaying feast”.

Feral Interactive will be bringing the “Elite Edition” of Firaxis’ re-imagining of the turn-based strategy classic, which will include all DLC released to date. Be warned though, Feral’s games are typically not SteamPlay (or even available on Steam), so buying the Windows version now probably won’t net you the Mac version later.

A release date of “soon” has been provided to us, along with a trailer, below.


Your thoughts on this?