Web-based Games Manager coming soon

In a thread on Rock Paper Shotgun’s forums, user trjp lamented the lack of software for managing games that you own:

I know there are things like Raptr/gamerDNA/PlayFire already, but they’re really ‘social networks for gamers’ and whilst they track your games (never all of them), they are mainly focussed on connecting players and achievements and – well – flogging games…

I found myself thinking of a more personal tool – one which knows all the games you own, can locate those which are installed, can remember where you got games from (DD, retail disc and even bundles perhaps) and so on. Think of it as a mix of a spreadsheet of all your games, a history of what you played and a way of marking what you’re playing now/next.

Two months later, and trjp has developed a web-based (cross-platform) game launcher based on the idea. There are a bunch of features already implemented, including the ability to import your games list from your Steam account, and track the time spent playing them, with more to come, such as tweaking the interface and adding the ability to import data from other digital stores.

As for when we can get our hands on it, trjp tells us “soon!”.


Your thoughts on this?