European Amazonians can have Digital Downloads

The European members of the Amazon family have caught up with their ranch-loving cousin, by starting to offer digital downloads of Mac (and Windows, natch) games. The service is currently in “beta”, but will give you a new way to buy downloadable versions of games like Civilization IV, as well as Steam-redeemable codes for games like Borderlands 2.

For quite a long time, North Americans have been taking advantage of Amazon’s low prices on digital downloads, with buyers outside’s zone of influence resorting to sneaky measures like supplying a fake (US-based) billing address in order to get in on the action.

Right now it appears that only Aspyr’s games are available in the Mac section, but given there are many more games currently available via the .com store (including Feral Interactive games, as well as a number of Indie titles, we’ll hopefully see the Mac catalogue expand over the next few weeks. To commemorate all of this, many of the games are on sale.

(via Cult of Mac)


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