We Now Support Safari Push Notifications

We’re pleased to announce that we now support the soon-to-be-available Safari push notifications. This is an upcoming feature in Mac OS 10.9 Mavericks and Safari 7 that allows websites to send updates to your notification center, even without having Safari running.

I should probably point out that this is strictly an “opt-in” feature; we won’t be spamming you with updates (we only send notifications when we publish a new post), and you will only receive updates if you let us.

The first time you visit Control Command Escape with Safari 7, we’ll ask if it’s ok to send you updates, and you can choose to let us or not (and if not, you’ll not be asked again).

The best thing about the system is that even if you use a different browser, it will still work; just visit us once in Safari 7 and then forget it ever existed.

We’ve put a page together below that explains all this in detail.


Your thoughts on this?