Turtle Beach Shows Mac Gamers Some Love

Finally, a hardware company that has some respect for the Mac gaming community.

Turtle Beach revealed its i60 wireless headsets, aimed squarely at Mac users:

Media mastery is at your fingertips with the Ear Force i60, the only Mac headset to come with a Desktop Control Unit to give you one touch volume control for your MacBooks, iMacs, and MacPros. The i60 is also the only Mac headset that can wirelessly connect to your Mac and your iPhone simultaneously, giving you the power to take your calls in surround sound with the tap of a finger, all without disconnecting from your computer. These next generation innovations, along with all the features that are included in the Ear Force i30 and Ear Force i10, make the i60 a must have for Apple audiophiles everywhere.

The features include noise cancelling, digital surround sound, and a “hidden” built-in microphone with a “voice morph” facility. The white remote in particular has a very Mac-like look about it. Further details on pricing and availability are to follow.

It’s great to see a company supporting Mac users specifically, let’s just hope that they don’t then forget about us for another two years like some companies.

(via GameAgent)


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