Logitech: We Use Macs Too!

I’m going to be perfectly blunt about this: Logitech Mac support is a joke, and not a particular good joke at that. Despite a multitude of threads listing various problems on their forums, the peripherals giant hasn’t updated its Logitech Control Center in about a year, which is used to make those most basic devices, mice and keyboards, work with games (the Setpoint drivers for Windows on the other hand, were last updated little over a month ago). Since that driver update, we’ve had an entire new operating system released, and even Feral Interactive have had to create workarounds to support mice in their games.  I’ve long since given up on trying to use a Logitech mouse with a Mac.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. The designed for Mac (and rather good) K750 keyboard actually is better supported under Windows, which ironically provides Mac-style on-screen bezel notifications for things like pressing caps lock. But the real problems lie with the support of its so-called “Gaming” range of peripherals. Dig into driver support there, and you’ll find no updates since 2010, which is especially irritating as many of the gaming peripherals require profiles for individual games.

Supposedly, that all changes today though, according to a blog post on the matter:

Today, we are excited to share that Logitech Gaming Software (LGS) has been updated to support Mac OS for our full keyboard and mouse lineup. Now Mac gamers can enjoy the same great personalization and customized control our PC customers have come to reply on. You can download the latest version of LGS from the Logitech support page for each compatible product.

Several of us on the gaming team switch back and forth between Mac and PC, so we’re thrilled to have this support on both platforms. We can’t wait for you to now have the option to experience your favorite Logitech gaming accessories on Mac.

He then goes on to list the supported devices which will be the recipient (which thankfully includes my beloved G13, although the support page doesn’t seem to list it). But I’m left wondering why, if “several of us  on the gaming team switch back and forth between Mac and PC (sic)”, they haven’t put palm to face themselves during the past three years.

So thanks for the update, I suppose? See you in another three years, I shouldn’t wonder.

(via Macrumors)