Starbound Demonstrates Building (Process)

Starbound, the game lazily referred to as “Terraria in Space”, have released some footage of how building a building will work, which you can watch below.

To my eye, it looks a bit cumbersome, with several characters involved in the process and even then it has been edited down. More details are revealed in a blog post on the official site:

Each player is equipped with a gun that can levitate, place and remove blocks and items. It’s capable of placing single blocks or blocks in groups of 4. So you can very quickly fill the space you need to fill whilst having the option to tweak smaller details. Every object that looks as if you can stand on it or place another object on top of it functions as you’d expect. Removing blocks with the block tool is quite slow (it’s not intended to replace mining tools), but it has the benefit of long range.


Your thoughts on this?