Nvidia Forums are back

The Nvidia forums were hacked back in July, and have been shut down ever since, leaving many gamers with no reliable way to get support for their Nvidia hardware (including the many issues people have experienced with Mac versions of their drivers).

After a nearly four-month absence, Nvidia started sending emails to registered forum members today to announce the return of the Nvidia forums:

NVIDIA just re-launched our community forums, and we encourage you to join today!

We’ve sharpened their focus by creating specially designed forums for the GeForce community at forums.geforce.com, and for the developer community at devtalk.nvidia.com.

Although you’ll be creating a new password, your screen name and previous messages and posts remain intact.

Please note that a few forum topic areas have been changed or renamed, so take a moment to familiarize yourself with these. Also, it’s possible that some errors may have occurred in the migration of posts. If you see one, let us know and we’ll try to resolve the issue.

We value your feedback. So, let us know your thoughts and concerns through the contact forms on either forum site. We plan to implement new features to enhance both sites in the coming months.

Thank you for your attention and patience – we hope to see you online soon!

(Finally). Now I’m off to the new forums to complain about the shoddy MBP with Retina drivers…



Your thoughts on this?