I’ll be off to experience the highly anticipated release of my first-born child soon, and all the twitch-based, puzzle-solving, character progression that will entail. That’s great news for me, but unfortunately for you guys, this site is going to probably be a bit on the quiet side as I juggle caring for a small child along with other less important (i.e. work-related) commitments.

TL;DR: Less reviews and news for you for a while.

I’ll still update when I can (we’ve still got some as-yet unpublished reviews to make live), so keep us subscribed via Safari, Twitter and YouTube, where I’ll likely post random witterings, and meantime take comfort in the loving caress of our friends at MacGamerHQ for more goings-on in the Mac gaming world.

We should be back normal within a couple of months.


Your thoughts on this?