Outcasts Join Gratuitous Space Battles

The latest DLC for Gratuitous Space Battles, The Outcasts, is coming to Mac soon. The new cybernetic-themed race brings with it an assortment of donut-shaped ships (10 of them to be exact), as well as an assortment of new modules (including “multi-target tractor beams” and “holographic decoy projectors”) and a couple of new maps.

Developer Cliff Harris had this to say about the thematic influences:

With this new race, I went with the idea of a cybernetic race who had been shunned and thrown out for their practice of biological/mechanical integration. I was thinking about all kinds of stuff, partly the tales from Star Trek:DS9 of ‘the founders’ being exiled and chased from worlds by ‘solids’, also partly the many different versions of the backstory of Doctor Who’s cybermen, and also the race of ‘krikkit’ in the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy, who seem like ncie people deep down, they just can’t cope with the thought of other species. My vision for the outcasts is that they are nice people at heart, they just suffer from a major persecution complex over the whole ‘cybernetic’ thing, and are determined to wipe out every non cybernetic life-form so they don’t have to feel awkward any more.

The windows version is available now on Steam, with the Mac version undergoing conversion “right now” (it will be SteamPlay, so you can buy it now at a slight discount), and there’s a trailer for all this below.


Your thoughts on this?