OS X Mavericks now available

The latest version (10.9) of Mac OS is now available. OS X “Mavericks” adds a number of new features, most notably support for OpenGL 4 and better multi-monitor support. Perhaps best of all, it’s completely free.

The OpenGL 4 support is likely the most compelling reason for gamers to upgrade. Though it probably won’t improve performance or quality for current games, games that are specifically coded to take advantage of the new library can enjoy better performance and features such as tessellation (the only game I know of right now that’s likely to get OpenGL 4 support is BioShock: Infinite).

A word of caution though: several Indie titles I’ve tried out in OS 10.9 that otherwise worked fine in 10.8 no longer work, with errors ranging from the game simply not launching (with an error that the game is “damaged and can’t be opened”), to no images being displayed in the application window. I’ve contacted the developers where possible, and they are all working to get these issues resolved. In addition, Wine/Cider fans should note that some wrappers will also break, see this thread for more details.

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